Abacus Programme

Soroban - The Tool for Success

The Soroban abacus is simple, yet powerful. It remains a popular method of teaching computation skills in Asian countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and India.

Wonderkidz is a math enrichment program that teaches math fundamentals while improving focus, concentration, and confidence. The center of our math curriculum is the Japanese Soroban Abacus. The Soroban is a base 10 system that is intuitive and easy to learn. Initially, students learn to manipulate the beads of the abacus to perform math calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Then students learn Anzan technique ( visualize the abacus - without the physical presence of an abacus.) and are able to perform math calculations mentally.

Wonderkidz uses Japanese abacus soroban to educate students in improving visualisation skills, mathematical thinking and increasing attention span. Our aim is to kindle your child's love for numbers and turn him or her into a mathematical whiz-kid .With our curriculum, math is no longer merely counting, memorizing, or repetitive worksheet drills, but learning math through –



we teach our students to perform math functions on the abacus by manipulating beads. Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are at their fingertips.



we work with our students to improve focus and concentration skills to visualize the abacus to perform math calculations mentally.



we develop listening skills in our students to calculate beyond visual worksheets.


4.5 / 5 yrs. Old. Should be able to recognize and write 0-20 before joining this course.

Program Structure

  • This course work is divided into different levels. All the levels are designed for approx. 3 to 4 months . Depending upon the performances of the kids, it can take little longer or shorter.
  • After every level student's assessment and exam will be done to make sure he/she is good to advance to next level.
  • There are total 8 levels.
  • The classes are once a week- 60 minutes / session.

Class Size

As the programme requires time on concentration and calculation, each session is limited to only a small number of learners in a classroom to give everyone full attention and care from our dedicated trainers

How It will benefit your child

During the preliminary levels, you will note in your child the following attributes:

  • Fine Motor control expands when moving the beads.
  • Association and recognition are enhanced when the soroban is applied to problems.
  • Memory and concentration levels are significantly improved.
  • Confidence, especially with numbers increases.
  • During the more advanced levels, -Visualisation and memory improve as the child stops using the soroban and relies on a mental picture of the instrument.
  • Thinking improves as the child counts the beads in their mental picture.
  • Concentration improves as the child completes the entire process successfully and quickly.

So, come along for a free demo class.