Vedic Maths Programme

Vedic Maths Programme

Vedic Mathematics is the name given to the ancient system of Indian Mathematics which was rediscovered from the Vedas between 1911 and 1918 by Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji (1884-1960). According to his research all of mathematics is based on sixteen Sutras, or word-formulae. For example, “Vertically and Crosswise” is one of these Sutras. These formulae describe the way the mind naturally works and are therefore a great help in directing the student to the appropriate method of solution.

Importance of Vedic Mathematics

The most striking feature of the Vedic system is its consistency. Instead of a hotchpotch of unrelated techniques the whole system is beautifully interrelated and unified: the general multiplication method, for example, its easily reversed to allow one-line divisions and the simple squaring method can be reversed to give one-line square roots. And these are all easily understood. This unifying quality is very satisfying; it makes mathematics easy and enjoyable and encourages innovation.

In the Vedic system ‘difficult’ problems or huge sums can often be solved immediately by the Vedic method. These striking and beautiful methods are just a part of a complete system of mathematics which is far more systematic than the modern ‘system’. Vedic Mathematics manifests the coherent and unified structure of mathematics and the methods are complementary, direct and easy.

The simplicity of Vedic Mathematics means that calculations can be carried out mentally (though the methods can also be written down). There are many advantages in using a flexible, mental system. Students can invent their own methods, they are not limited to the one ‘correct’ method. This leads to more creative, interested and intelligent pupils.

Benefits of Vedic Mathematics

  • It eradicates the fear of Mathematics and installs confidence.
  • Improves calculation speed and numerical skills.
  • It sharpens the brain.
  • It is an aid to crack scholarship and entrance exams.
  • It facilitates a habit of analytical thinking and measured approach towards any problem.
  • It is useful for everyone- students, professionals, teachers, parents and even for the young ones.


Age 9 years and above can join this course.

Course duration

The classes are once a week- 60 minutes / session.

It will take approximately 4 to 5 months for this course. Depending on child’s ability it can take little longer or shorter.