I am delighted my daughters have been taught abacus by Mansi. Wonderkidz has enhanced their mental arithmetic maths skills tremendously.
Wonderkidz has given them an edge in terms of visualising, speed, accuracy and focus. It has boosted their confidence no end. Mansi is great at breaking down step by step processes and has varying ways of explaining concepts to children which they find easy to understand. She is patient and fills a huge vacuum todays schools seem to miss. I would highly recommend her.

- Jennifer

My daughter attends wonderkids abacus lessons. I am glad that my daughter is making good progress in Maths. She enjoys her lessons and enthusiatic to learn new formulas. The teacher is able to help every child to reach there potential. I would recommond it to anyone(including parents)

- Viji saraswathyamma

Definately much more than just maths! My son used to run away from maths but since joining the Wonderkidz classes, he is now better at maths than me to be honest, and he has been attending the classes for less than two years really.
We're really pleased with the progress he has made and would definately recommend this approach to learning to all other parents as well.

- Shivani B.

My son is really enjoying this class, his confidence in maths has grown and helped him in other areas of maths. Class sizes are great and good value for money. Highly recommend.

- Anna Sawyer

"It has been an excellent learning experience for tharun having been in the Wonderkidz Abacus session with Mansi as tutor. We still remember how Tharun was finger counting for additions when we went for Abacus initial assessment. Mansi has been brilliant in teaching Tharun in the way he could grasp easily the tricks of arithmetic building blocks. She has been very motivating! We travel 75+ minutes one way to get to Abacus session, which should indicate the worth and what Tharun gains from the sessions. Mansi is Tharun's favourite teacher. Beyoud the, Mansi has been very helpful in advising and triggering us to take initiatives in preparation for other academic subjects and extra-curricular activites. Crux-excellent tutor shaping up her student in multiple directions."

- Sakhtivel Viswanathan